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EXO2083 22S Drag Front Bumper Set, Alloy, CF & Foam w/GNSS Slot

SKU: EXO2083
Not for the TLR 22.

Add protection to your Losi 22S drag car with Exotek's heavy duty alloy, carbon fiber and foam bumper set. This bumper set may just pay for itself in your first crash.

Allows for optional mounting of SkyRC GNSS GPS modules to be safely protected inside of the foam bumper, and removed via one screw in the carbon brace. You may use this bumper set with or without the gps module.

Details include a heavy duty alloy and carbon fiber mounting base that secures the extra wide high density foam bumper. The same high impact foam used in touring car racing.

Inside the foam bumper are 2 alloy posts for extra secure foam bumper mounting.

The carbon plate has 3 hole positions for mounting the foam forward or back to fit in certain bodies.

This design also allows you to experiment with adding nylon body posts (Traxxas #4214, etc not included) onto the bumper or perhaps a lexan body lip (splitter) on the under side of the bumper (body posts or splitter not included).

Designed to work with most street eliminator bodies. You may opt to add extra foam layers to the front of the bumper for longer nosed bodies like the Malibu etc. (extra stick on foam layers not included).