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JBIRCAR120 Aluminum Chassis for Arrma 6s (V1-V5) Outcast, Notorious, Senton & Typhon

One piece solid aluminum 6061 with 5 mm floor thickness. All holes are countersunk to allow standard mounting hardware. \n \nThis was designed and built from the V3 Typhon. \nThe existing plastic side guards will not be utilized on the chassis.  This will create a gap between the chassis and body on Outcast/Notorious.  Kydex material can be used to produce custom guards. \n \nThis solid aluminum chassis was designed with a thicker floor to help reduce bending. Just because this is thicker DOES NOT mean it is INDESTRUCTIBLE! \n \nWe also do not recommend running T2T or V4 (Red Long Bar) with our chassis. \n \nEngineered & Manufactured in the USA \n \nProduct Weight: 690g