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JBIRCAR146 Aluminum "Stretched Talion" Drag Race/Speed Chassis


Aluminum "Stretched Talion" Drag-Speed Chassis 

This chassis design is for the drag racing or speed runners. 6061-T651 Aluminum was utilized for flex and weight reduction purposes.

Heavy bashing not recommended! 

Please review photo as standard Talion setup is not completely installed.  Will use Talion servo mount location as well as front and rear braces.

Battery tray is incorporated directly into the chassis.  Mounting pattern for XLX/Max 5 is incorporated, we also included mounting holes to run our vertical ESC Mounting Plate for additional clearance.  Standard 6s Arrma receiver box mounting pattern is drilled directly into the chassis.  This placement is near servo mount and allows additional space for cap packs.  2 Long Kraton Driveshafts WILL BE REQUIRED with this setup.

Engineered and Manufactured in USA

Weight 624g