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Grublock Motor Mount for Arrma 6s BLX Platform

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SKU: 170663

Motor Mount Combo Without E-Brake or Roll Bar Mounts (Limitless/Infraction V1/Felony/Typhon)

 This motor mount will mount either a 25mm or 30mm spacing motor***. It features a screw driven mesh adjuster with a robust locking mechanism. It boasts all the same specs as the original mount, but will have a little more gear range. 

It will work in all Arrma 6s BLX cars that are V4 and newer. 

Mounts and mount combos will also include ALL NEW hardware, as well as the tools for the adjuster. 

Motor Mount Combos are also available. They include the Grublock Motor Mount, Differential Brace, and Differential cap with your choice of E-brake or Roll bar mounts. 

*** 8mm shaft motors will need to have a 30mm long shaft, and the pinion will need to be mounted flipped. This is a very common and standard thing, however there are some oddball motors out there with 8mm thick 20mm long motor shafts. Basically if the shaft is longer than your stock motor, you should be all set. And MOST of them are.