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1UP120502 Pro Pack with Pit Stand

SKU: 1UP120502
Application Tips for the Pro Pack
1UP uses the absolute best ingredients available in their Premium R/C Lubricant blends which means you can safely use less of them and expect outstanding results! Follow these steps below to get the most from your Pro Pack!

Clear - Bearing Oil - Clean any existing oil or grease from your bearings and lay on on a towel and let dry completely. Apply 1 drop of 1up Clear and spin the bearing by hand to allow it to spread.

Blue - O-Ring Grease - Coat your shock and diff o-rings thoroughly with Blue as shown above before installing. It's also recommended to dip the threaded end of the shock shafts into Blue for added protection before inserting through the o-ring.

Red - CV Joint Oil - Clean any existing oil or grease from your CV joints and allow them to dry completely. Apply 1 drop of 1up Red (1/10 scale or smaller) or 2 drops of 1up Red (1/8 scale) to the assembled joint as shown above. For larger scale cars, apply as needed for even coverage.

The CV/Universal joint should be completely free at this point. If there is any binding or notchy feel it's recommended to disassemble the joint and find the source of the problem before running again to prevent premature wear.

(New parts require cleaning to remove any left over machining oils or particles left over from the machining process.)

Gold - Anti-Wear Grease - Clean parts prior to application. Apply 1up Gold to any high wear drivetrain parts. Use on any pins/pulleys or ring/pinion gears in the drivetrain to reduce noise and increase their lifespan.

Apply only a light amount of Gold to the surfaces being treated. Gold is extremely tacky and will attract dust if applied too heavily!


  • Pro Pack now includes 8ml Oiler Bottles and Pro Pack Pit Stand!
  • All 1up Racing Premium R/C Lubricants are proudly Made in the U.S.A.!