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Team Corally Steering Block - Pillow Ball Cup (2) Front - Composite

SKU: COR00180-009-1
Driving RC cars has changed a lot in recent years. Better materials and more powerful brushless motors have led to the development of a completely new breed of RC drivers who are pushing the limits. They drive RC cars in a way that was totally unimaginable a few years ago.

Team Corally follows these drivers closely, and responds to their expectations by questioning and innovating their products again and again. A team of developers is designing new parts every day so you can push your model to the limit.

These newly developed steering blocks are the ultimate proof of this. A completely new design has added reinforcements where needed to withstand extreme loads. The design around the pillow ball joints has been modified so that forces up to 4 times higher can be exerted. The typical "Ball Popping" known with this type of ball type suspensions is a thing of the past with these new steering blocks.